Sadhana Mandirlogopath

Founded in 1966 on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh, India, Sadhana Mandir Trust was established by Swami Rama as an international retreat center for sincere aspirants to practice meditation in a spiritually elevating environment. Away from the hustle and bustle of Rishikesh, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Sadhana Mandir is located on the banks of the holy river Ganges. Surrounded by beautiful flowering gardens, mango trees and a lotus pond, a quiet and serene atmosphere permeates the ashram making it ideal for sadhana.


Outer Stillness & Inner Silence

Dates: July 1-7, 2016 Yogash chitta-vritti-nirodhah “When the body is still, you will find great joy and confidence. Learn to enjoy that stillness. No matter what joys you have experienced so far, the highest of all joys is stillness.” “The best of all knowledge, the...

Holistic Health

Dates: April 29-May 1, & May 27-29, 2016 “The yoga approach to health is very simple, logical, and practical. It lays stress on the words yuktahar viharasya—eating and living as they should be done. By simply studying your own capacity and learning how to regulate...

Stressless Living

Dates: March 18-20, 2016 “In this procession of life which is very much crowded, how an individual can go ahead peacefully without any stress? This is the point. This is the question before everyone today. Are we going to live the way we live, all the time tossed by...


Monsoon Moods

“Monsoon Moods” a short video of Sadhana Mandir...

Coming Soon: Volume 6 of “At the Feet of a Himalayan Master”

From the Foreword by Phil Nuernberger “Truth has been Truth since the beginning of times, and Gurudev Swami Rama is timeless. His persona and physical presence during my lifetime and all of those lives he touched was a gift beyond any treasure. Each person’s...

29 July Shradhanjali

On  17th July 2015, our beloved Swami Veda Bharati took Jal-Samadhi in the holy river Ganga. The ceremony was attended by hundreds of family members from our global community. Well known religious leaders and followers also graced the occasion. On 29th July, 2015,16...

On this auspicious day of Monday 14th July 2015

Dear AHYMSIN Family, On this auspicious day of Monday 14th July 2015, our beloved Swami Veda Bharati passed from his body at 3 am (India time). Please keep his intention in your mind – “Let every person feel loved.” Special prayers of Gayatri mantra...
Swami Rama

“Meditation will give you a tranquil mind.

Meditation will make you aware of the Reality deep within.

Meditation will make you fearless;

meditation will make you calm;

meditation will make you gentle;

meditation will make you loving;

meditation will give you freedom from fear

—those are the results of meditation.”

Swami Rama

Self-Guided Silence Retreat

The ashram is available for serious sadhakas to experience a self-guided individual silence retreat for personal renewal and deepening of meditation practices. Self-guided retreats are for experienced meditators only. Self-reliance is essential for this program.