The Himalayan Tradition

Swami Rama’s tradition is an unbroken chain of Himalayan sages that is more than 5,000 years old. The tradition was formally established by Shankaracharya 1,200 years ago. The scriptures of his tradition are the Vedas, the oldest spiritual scriptures in the library of humanity. The teachings have been passed on primarily orally, each sage transmitting knowledge directly to prepared students. According to his tradition, yoga encompasses all the philosophies and practices that have ever been followed by the great sages, not only of the Himalayas, but also of Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Zen, and Sufism as well.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

“Modern man amidst all worldly wisdom and external prosperity lives under the pressure of fear, insecurity, doubt, confusion, and he’s dismayed. He has lost his way because he doesn’t know anything about himself. He doesn’t understand the way his mind functions, the way he thinks, the way he behaves, the way he understands the universe around him; he doesn’t understand the purpose of life. So inside him there is darkness, and outside there is so much prosperity that he seems to be lost. The teachings of the Upanishads are unique and wonderful for the human being, at least for the human being of our times.” Swami Rama

Meditation Retreats

For personal renewal and deepening of meditation practices, Sadhana Mandir Ashram offers several meditation retreat options for serious sadhakas. The guided individualized retreat programs lead the participants to explore the nature of their beings on the physical, pranic, mental and spiritual levels. The participants engage in daily gentle yoga classes, breathing and relaxation practicums, guided meditation practice, and individualized instruction in yoga science. Emphasis is placed on self-study and assimilation of the practices and spiritual environment through stillness and quietness. There is also enough personal time for walks along the Ganges.

The Self-Transformation Program

The Self-transformation Program is a 10-day highly individualized residential program leading the participant to explore the nature of his being on the level of the five koshas: physical, pranic, mental, intellectual, blissful, and finally to the center of consciousness. The participant engages in daily yoga classes, breathing and relaxation practicums, guided meditation practice, and individualized instruction in yoga science. There is also enough personal time for self study and for walks along the Ganges.

The Science of Joyful Living

In this program, the interaction between the biological, physiological, psychological and philosophical dimensions will be explored. Harmonious integration of body, breath, mind and spirit will be reinforced through simple practicum. Devoting only a few minutes each day to these practices will allow us to enhance communication skills, improve inter-personal relationships, sharpen decision-making and manage stress effectively. Hidden potentials will be unlocked making us more creative and dynamic and allowing us to fulfill the purpose of life.

Sadhana Mandir Ashram

Founded in 1966 on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh, India, Sadhana Mandir Trust was established by Swami Rama as an international retreat center for sincere aspirants to practice meditation in a spiritually elevating environment. Away from the hustle and bustle of Rishikesh, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Sadhana Mandir is located on the banks of the holy river Ganges. Surrounded by beautiful flowering gardens, mango trees and a lotus pond, a quiet and serene atmosphere permeates the ashram making it ideal for sadhana.


Practices for the Subtle Body

Dates: March 3-5, 2017 “There are many kinds of physical exercises in yoga; these have varying effects on mind and body. One collection of exercises is considered to be the most subtle. [For example, the exercises without movement] are practiced internally, without...

Guru Purnima Gurugita Path, July 11-19, 2016

Shri Gurave Namah Shri Gurupurnim Shri Gurugita Path (24 hours chanting) and Fire offerings By Akhandmandlakaram mantara begin. (Fire offerings 2 hours  Morning and 2 hours evening daily) Date – 11 July 2016   First Day Program Guruvandna, at 7:00 am...

Mahashivratri Special Pooja

7 March  2016 6:00 p.m., puja archana 7:00 p.m., abhishek and rudrapath 8:00 p.m., arati and pushpanjali 8:15 p.m., prasad distribution...

Yoga & Psychotherapy

Dates: November 18-20, 2016 This seminar is about the intersection of yoga philosophy and practice with psychotherapy practice.  How can yoga inform psychotherapy and how can a practitioner of yoga benefit from the psychotherapy model? Using a combination of lecture,...


Yoga Nidra CD Now Available

Practices of the Himalayan Tradition as taught by Swami Rama Volume 2: Yoga Nidra Recorded by Prakash Keshaviah, Ph.D. This is volume 2 of the audio series which will guide you through some of the basic practices of the Himalayan tradition as taught by H.H. Swami Rama...

Here Now: Lectures on the Yoga Sutras by Swami Rama

Lectures on the Yoga Sutras 1: Samadhi by Swami Rama Taken from his lectures given to graduate students at the Glenview Center in 1977-79, in this lecture Swami Rama discusses the different types of samadhi and the importance of daily practice in attaining this level...

Swami Rama

“Meditation will give you a tranquil mind. Meditation will make you aware of the Reality deep within. Meditation will make you fearless; meditation will make you calm; meditation will make you gentle; meditation will make you loving; meditation will give you freedom from fear —those are the results of meditation.”

Swami Rama

Personal Silence Retreat

For our visitors who have already attended one or more of our programs, the ashram is available for serious sadhakas to experience a self-guided individual silence retreat for personal renewal and deepening of meditation practices. Self-guided retreats are for experienced meditators only. Self-reliance is essential for this program. The ashram does not offer any daily classes or satsang during a personal silence retreat. We provide a private room, vegetarian meals, use of library facilities, and suggestions to make your stay beneficial.